Created for Makeup & Hair Professionals, Bespoke offers Pros the chance to bring their visions to life.

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Our Services

Offering makeup and hair professionals the chance to bring their visions to life.

  • Made-To-Order Service
  • Product Mixing On-Site Service
  • Custom Mixing Service
  • Bulk Materials Service
  • Free Consultation


Custom-made cosmetics tailored to your every need created quick.

Custom On-Site Mixing Service

We come to you, ready to custom-mix your needs on the spot.

Custom Mixing

Products are designed specifically for the Pro's needs, by the Pros.

Bulk materials service

We have access to thousands of world-class raw and semi-finished goods in bulk.

Free Consultation

As working professionals, we understand timelines are extremely short in our industry. Give us a call, or virtual meeting to chat about your project. We are always here to listen and help from start to finish.