Created for Makeup & Hair Professionals, Bespoke offers Pros the chance to bring their visions to life.

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Bespoke Pro Designs is an exclusive “Made -to- Order” cosmetics brand. Products are designed specifically for the Pro’s needs, by the Pros. Unique and innovative, Bespoke is crafted by hand in the USA, and on demand. As Artists, we face unique challenges on every project. Our Studio Services can help you create tailor made Pro products, specially just for you.

Created for Makeup & Hair Professionals, Bespoke offers Pros the chance to bring their visions to life.


Company Founders

Jessica Camper

Jessica Camper is a quiet artist often found hidden behind the scenes on set, or mixing creations at her LA studio lab. She has worked with a long list of clients across all mediums of make-up. Jessica’s work can be seen in film, television, and print. Her creations can also be found on the shelves of major global retailers from years working in product development; with her own brand Moonplay Cosmetics being exclusive to Frend's Beauty Pro Shop. Jessica is best known for developing a style of mixing makeup from scratch and color layering.

“After years of research Moonplay Cosmetics my dream was launched. With only four loose mixing medium powders, I set out to share new discoveries with other artists. Over the past few years three additional powders have been added, expanding to seven. “Stroboscope Hyper-Flash Powder” is a new invention; a simple loose powder concentrate designed to fix the unfixable. Created to simply be mixed into any product in any category. Stroboscope is a multipurpose time saver. Mix with liquids, powders, creams, gels, lacquers, or simply use alone.” "The next big dream? Bespoke makeup creates on the spot, for pros only. A tall order, and sounded impossible to anyone the idea was mentioned to. Except for one other. I met an incredibly talented, boundary pushing visionary. Kerry Herta, Pro Artist/Department Head.

After mentioning the idea of mixing her designs, she bravely took me up on the offer. We chatted on the phone and 48 hours later our first one-of-a-kind product was made to fit her project’s specifications and vision. And, we have continued designing for pro artists ever since. We now have the technology to create bespoke make-up, for Pros only. Beauty through special effects. We work on large-scale projects, mixing full collections for make-up, hair, and body, to small projects focusing on special designs for specific actors. Best of all, you get quality. Something incredibly special and one of a kind, for a fraction of the cost!"


Kerry Herta

As Professional Makeup Artists we are constantly searching for that perfect product, the perfect shade, the perfect everything. Inevitably, we end up mixing and matching products from several lines in order to create our own, “Perfect”. Discovering Moonplay Cosmetics was a game changer. I was fascinated by the high-end quality of their mixing powders and their ability to be used in any medium needed.

The brand’s creator, Jessica Camper, whom has a background as a Makeup Artist, and product developer is a color genius! Jessica mentioned that she has the capability to do custom designed cosmetics if I was interested, within 3 days, I needed to create makeup that looked like acrylic paint that would not stain an actors’ skin.

After discussing it over the phone, she showed up with the exact colors I needed for my makeup test, virtually overnight! In all my years in this business I’ve never experienced talking color with someone over the phone and it coming out so precise. I was instantly hooked on the concept.

With her unique ability to create the “Perfect” products for every need, she is the secret weapon we ALL must have in our arsenal! After joining forces on several projects, we can’t wait to bring our world of Bespoke products into the Pro Artists Community.

I’m proud to partner with Jessica Camper on this innovative new brand, but more importantly to collaborate with an incredibly gifted artist and beautiful human being. We are so happy to announce the birth of Bespoke Pro Designs!