Created for Makeup & Hair Professionals, Bespoke offers Pros the chance to bring their visions to life.

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Bespoke Pro Designs is handcrafted exclusive unique innovative

Offering makeup and hair professionals the chance to bring their visions to life.

be·spoke /bəˈspōk/

adjective: bespoke

  1. An exclusive “made-to-order” cosmetics brand
  2. Designed specifically for the Pro’s needs, by the Pros
  3. Unique and innovative 
  4. Crafted by hand in the USA, and on demand
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Our Services

Custom-made cosmetics.  Cosmetics tailored to your every need, made fast.

 We come to you, ready to mix your needs on the spot.

Products are designed specifically for the Pro’s needs, by the Pros. 

We have access to thousands of world-class raw and semi-finished goods in bulk

As working professionals we understand timelines are extremely short in our industry. Give us a call, or virtual meeting to chat about your project. We are always here to listen and help from start to finish.

Why Bespoke Pro?

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Vegan & Cruelty Free



Creativity. Magic. Bespoke.

Bespoke is crafted by hand in the USA, and on demand. As Artists, we face unique challenges on every project. Our Studio Services can help you create tailor made Pro products, specially just for you.

Client Testimonials

“I was recently hired to design Native American Makeup for a horror film. After describing my project’s needs, Bespoke Pro Designs formulated custom pigments paying true homage to the culture and its rich history. They also delivered beautiful color and texture. The team at Bespoke Pro really understood my needs and worked within my timeline and truly delivered!"
Orlando Marin
Local 706 Makeup Artist
"I’ve been a working professional makeup artist for 25 years in LA. I’ve known Jess for nearly 10 years and I’ve always been impressed by her many talents. She is consistently growing and evolving as a brand developer and master mixologist. I admire the work she is doing. I love collaborating with her team and I hope to continue our business relationship as well as our friendship for years to come."
Mathias Alan- Livernois
Mathias Alan-Livernois
"I wish Jessica was around mixing Bespoke designs back when I was doing Cat woman for DC comics! She and Kerry Herta shared some of their mixes with me. I am so excited to work with them in the future for all my new projects, a great opportunity to give my performances that cutting edge with custom design makeup Tailored to each performance. Something we all need in this business."
Susan Kay Wyatt
Music Artist, Writer, Model